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1 Week In (a little over a week, actually) — by WhenYouExist at 09/14/20 (Mon) 03:31:27

A small milestone but an important one. Most new imageboards pop up, but then die out by this point. But as time has proven, Chan Roast is a small exception. So that's a small but cool thing to see.

More people have come and checked out the site, and there's been some decent activity as well! I see the same people are also coming back to post some more, which is also encouraging. A good amount of you have taken to the /meta/ board to voice your concerns and critiques about the site and it's functionality, and what can be done to improve it. I'd like to say thanks to those of you who have pointed out some of the bugs and kinks that need to be ironed out to make the site more functional. I will always welcome constructive criticism, as this makes me a better admin.

Yes, I admit, I have resorted to shilling on some small boards to try and get people to visit. In general, it has worked. I will however lay off the shilling a bit so people don't get the wrong idea. I don't want people perceiving Chan Roast as a Mewch 2.0 that spams the site absolutely everywhere. Chan Roast respects all imageboards and simply encourages people to come and visit. I'm not asking or soliciting anyone to all of a sudden start using this site as their primary chan. I understand people have grown accustomed to their primary boards and that's fine. I always knew Chan Roast was going to be a slow imageboard and I don't expect, or quite frankly want that to change anytime soon.

I'll stop ranting now - to those of you who have stopped in, thanks! I really appreciate it. Have a great rest of your day/evening. And remember -

The cafe's always open :)


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